Can we guarantee good pictures?
  • Please note that No Ultrasound company can guarantee good pictures/images every time.
  • There are many factors that go to making a great scan - not least of which is baby's position which
    is out of our control..…as we all know Baby Rules!!!

  • It is so important for you to be drinking plenty of water throughout your pregnancy, especially 1-2
    weeks prior to your session in order to get good vivid images. Ultrasound is a very natural process
    and although we discuss other factors that may affect the quality of your images, one thing for sure
    is that by not drinking your water goal will result in less than vivid images.

  • Also, you know your baby better than anyone, if you think you know of a food, drink or activity
    that gets your baby moving, feel free to do them just before your visit to our facility, but this is not
    mandatory (it is optional) and please do not over do it.

  • If you wish to know the sex of your baby, we will do our utmost to find out.
  • Sometimes, it is not possible to tell the sex immediately - (i.e. If baby has its legs crossed or is in an
    awkward position) - - - On these occasions, we will ask you to take a break - have a short walk,
    some water, and then we will try again. Usually this does the trick. - - - However, if it does not
    work, we will offer you a second, at no charge, appointment a few days later in the hope that baby
    has moved around.
.....Please note that it is very rare for us to have to do this since our Sonographers are all very
experienced. We always take the time to point out and explain what you are looking at on the screen.

  • We DO NOT charge more for scanning twins, triplets or more!
  • We do, however, recommend that you plan the scan a little earlier for multiple pregnancies,18-26
    weeks usually gives the best results.

Non-diagnostic scan:
  • We provide elective prenatal ultrasound scans to those expectant mothers who are currently
    receiving prenatal care with their doctor.
  • This elective ultrasound is NOT intended to take place of a complete diagnostic ultrasound,or any
    other type of care required by the health care provider.
Ultrasound Medical Services is thrilled to announce that we have had thousands of satisfied
customers who are pleased with our service and know that we go the extra mile just to make
your experience extra-special.
To give you the best chance of getting good images, we offer:
Well maintained equipment.
We never rush to get you through.
Clean, calm and happy atmosphere.
Repeat appointments (at NO charge) available on the rare occasions that we cannot get
an image.
If there is anything we can do to make your experience better,
please let one of our staff members know.
Please call us to discuss the best time to have the ultrasound based
on your individual requirements.
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